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Hola fellaz,

It has been a great journey of 21 years making awesome music.  You very welcome to our world and we are very honoured to host you here on this site.  Time for new ambitions, new sights and new milestones to be set and be acheived on this 20th anniversary of our democracy.  You will recall that we received an accolade on the 10th anniversary from teh Nationa Minister of Arts & Culture for the best contribution to arts & culture development of this country in the 10 years of democracy.

 This year marks 22 anniversary of the group and even bigger milestone for its leader, Elvis Mongezi Hermans who founded the group 21 years ago.  Over the past 5 years he has been challenging the younger members to sharpen their artistic and leadership skills so that his successor could emerge in order to take the group forward into another 22 years.  He has hinted on focussing his energy this year in really stretching the memebers in order to identify a clear successor he can groome going forward.  Keep watching the space.

We challenge you, our dearest friend to stay in touch with us on this site and participate in our musical journey while embarking on a meaningful dialogue with us and our diverse stakeholders/fans.  Follow us on us on Twitter, Myspace, Plaxo, Facebook and view our videos on YouTube for some interesting material.    Our music is also available olnline.


 The Brothers 



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